Democratic primary candidates for Cook County Assessor and the Cook County Board of Review appeared to answer questions. The candidates that were invited to participate are as follows:

Candidates for Cook County Assessor

  • Commissioner Kari Steele (challenger- video statement at 2:19)
  • Assessor Fritz Kaegi (incumbent – 5:05)

Candidates for CCBOR 1st District:

  • Commissioner Tammy Wendt (incumbent-written statement at 26:11)
  • Alderman George Cardenas (challenger at 26:30)

Candidates for CCBOR 2nd District

  • Samantha Steele (challenger at 43:22)
  • Commissioner Michael Cabonargi (incumbent at 54:45)

Unopposed Candidate for CCBOR 1st District

Commissioner Larry Rogers (incumbent 1:14:30)

Moderated by Nora Devine