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New Affordable Housing Incentive Programs – August 16, 2022 at Noon

August 10th, 2022|

New Affordable Housing Incentive Programs Many of our members have been asking the Women's Property Tax Association to put together a webinar on the new affordable housing incentive programs. Like us, we're sure many of your clients have had endless questions about how the new incentive programs are being implemented in Cook County. Join us on August 16, 2022 at noon for an hour-long panel by the following: Christina Lynch, Director of Legal, Cook County Assessor's Office Liz Butler, Partner, Elrod Friedman Mary Kate Fitzgerald, Partner, Fitzgerald Law Group CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Please send any questions you may have to mailbox@wptaillinois.com, or feel free to ask them live. The WPTA will be seeking 1.0 hours of CLE credit for all attorneys that participate in the live stream. To qualify, you must register [...]

2022 Annual Fundraiser

July 19th, 2022|

Join us for our annual fundraiser on August 3, 2022 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at The Godfrey Hotel Chicago Rooftop Lounge 127 W. Huron Chicago, IL 60654 Sponsorship Levels: Platinum Sponsor (Includes 4 tickets): $1,500 Gold Sponsor (Includes 3 tickets): $1,000 Silver Sponsor (Includes 2 tickets): $500 All Sponsors will be advertised both at the event and on the WPTA Website   Individual Tickets: Individual Ticket: $80 ($100 after 7/13/2022) Individual Government//Civil Servant Pricing: $25 ($45 after 7/13/22)   Please register or RSVP by clicking the link below: Click here!

Cook County Candidate Forum

May 16th, 2022|

Candidate Forum May 19, 2022 at noon The Women’s Property Tax Association has invited the candidates for the Cook County Assessor and the Cook County Board of Review primary races to participate in a virtual forum. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. This is your opportunity to hear the candidates address practitioners in the property tax field as they answer questions prepared by viewers. All participants are welcome. Please send all questions for the candidates to mailbox@wptaillinois.com no later than May 17, 2022 at noon. Please identify which questions are intended for particular candidates.

Illinois’ Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

April 19th, 2022|

If you are an Illinois employer, as of 2020, you are required to train your employees on sexual harassment annually under the Workplace Transparency Act ("WTA"). This undertaking can be costly and time-consuming for employers, and Gail Schnitzer Eisenberg, an employee's civil rights attorney and New Trier Township Supervisor, agreed to bring you free sexual harassment prevention training for your employees. This video fulfills the requirements of the WTA and can be shown by employers to employees on demand. Certificates of completion are available below. CLE credit is NOT available for on-demand viewing. Presentation by Gail Schnitzer Eisenberg Organized and Moderated by Nicole DeBella. Handouts Handout and Statutory Authority Certificate of Participation CLE credit is only issued to those that watched the live viewing.

Methods and Myths of Real Property Valuation for Ad Valorem Taxation Part 2: Busting the Myths – The Legal Perspective in Illinois

April 19th, 2022|

On March 29, 2022, preeminent Illinois property tax litigators Ellen Berkshire (Verros Berkshire) and Ares Dalianis (Franczek P.C.) presented certain myths about ad valorem taxation, walked viewers through the relevant case law and statutory authority, and applied it to different fact patterns. Both panelists have extensive experience trying cases before the Property Tax Appeal Board, and have often found themselves on opposite sides. This is a unique opportunity to hear their own arguments, interpretations and tips for litigating both simple and complex property tax disputes, all of which can be applied to your own caseload on a substantive level. Organized by Mary Kate Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald Law Group, P.C.) HANDOUTS (click below to access): Slideshow, Case Law, and Statutory Authority The handout attached above constitutes everything that was distributed on the [...]

Methods and Myths of Real Property Valuation for Ad Valorem Taxation Part 1: Appraisal Concepts – The Foundation of Methodology

March 1st, 2022|

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osZfrer7T9Y&t=8050s Part 1 of a 3-Party Series The Women's Property Tax Association's 2/22/22 Presentation. Bruce Darata, MAI and Peter Helland, MAI, AI-GRS present ad valorem appraisal techniques and offer a contrast to financing appraisal reports. Featuring key legal concepts as outlined by Nora Devine. Moderated by Susan Ulman, MAI. Organized by Mary Kate Fitzgerald.   HANDOUTS (click below to access): Case Law       2. Legal Framework Slides The handouts attached here constitute everything that the WPTA is authorized to distribute. No further documentation will be provided by the WPTA. CLE credit is available ONLY TO THOSE THAT WATCHED THE LIVE VIEWING.

Webinar on Real Property Valuation

February 11th, 2022|

METHODS AND MYTHS OF REAL PROPERTY VALUATION FOR AD VALOREM TAXATION A Three Part Series Part 1: Appraisal Concepts: the Foundation of Methodology Please mark your calendar for an informative webinar hosted by the WPTA: February 22, 2022 Noon Register for GoToWebinar HERE The Women's Property Tax Association is pleased to present the first part of our Methods and Myths of Real Property Valuation for Ad Valorem Taxation Series. On February 22, 2022, Bruce Darata, MAI and Peter Helland, MAI, AI-GRS will be presenting an abbreviated version of the course they developed and taught at the Appraisal Institute: Assessment Appeal Report Writing. This webinar will examine key appraisal concepts for developing an opinion of value for ad valorem tax purposes. This meeting is expected to run for approximately 2 hours, and the WPTA will [...]

Thank you participants

January 14th, 2022|

On behalf of the WPTA, I want to thank all of the participants in yesterday's webinar on the topic of Specific Objection Rule Changes. Mary Kate Fitzgerald / President

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